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Meet the Board

A brief insight into the people behind our society!



Lottie Kingsley

The President's job is to make sure that the society runs smoothly! They are responsible for all society activity, and a great person to approach about anything to do with the society!

Hi, my name is Lottie (she/her) and I'm a third year studying English Language and Linguistics. The Shakespeare character I'd most like to be is one of the witches in Macbeth so I could live out my dream of being a strange woman living on the moors and shitstirring.


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Olivia Campanile

The Secretary is responsible for making agendas, taking minutes of meetings, general admin tasks, and making sure that everything runs smoothly!

Hello! I'm Olivia (she/they) in my third year of Theatre Studies/Comparative Literature. The Shakespeare character I would most like to be is one of the fairies in Midsummer's Night Dream (probably Moth), they seem to have a pretty good time without disastrous consequences. 




Emma Comfort

The Treasurer is responsible for looking after the society's finances, and budgeting for productions!

Hi, I'm Emma (she/her) and I'm a second year studying English Literature and Film and Television! I would like to be Rosalind because she is definitely one of Shakespeare's strongest and most interesting female characters. Also, she just spends the whole play putting men in their place and I love it!



Welfare Officer

Sam Kirke

The Welfare Officer is responsible for making sure that every member of the society feels supported and comfortable at all times, as well as being the main port of call for any questions or concerns that anyone has.

Hi there! My name's Sam (he/him) and I'm a third year Theatre Studies and Geography student :) I think that if I was a Shakespeare character I would be Benedick, because I too think I am funny and am really bad at noticing my own feelings. ​



Publicity Officer

Laura Milton

The Publicity Officer is responsible for looking after all the society's social media accounts and website, and keeping everyone updated about what is going on!

Hey everyone! I'm Milton (she/her), and I'm in my third year of Theatre Studies. If I was a Shakespeare character I would be Macduff because I am also from Fife and a C-section baby!  



Socials Convenor

George Rogers

The Socials Convenor is responsible for planning and organising all society socials, and is the best person to answer any questions about upcoming events!

Hi! My name's George (he/him) and I'm in my third year studying theatre and film. If I was a Shakespeare character, I think I'd be most similar to Nick Bottom because I love acting but could easily be mistaken for a large donkey.​


The Board: Team
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